Hello and Welcome to my page!

I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Natalija Šukaityte Webb, Mobile Makeup Artist.

Currently I am based in Redditch. I have worked in a few countries starting with my homeland Lithuania.

I speak fluent Russian, Lithuanian and English.

If you feel more comfortable speaking any one of these languages please don't hesitate use it!

I am more than happy to help!

Call me now on 07402757627

Sincerely Yours Natalija^
My Work
Since 2004 I have been working as a Makeup Artist.

During my career I have worked with Photo-studios, Newspapers, Magazines, TV channels…

To achieve the best results I work closely with my clients, listening to their ideas and offering my own professional advice.

For me as an Artist, good Make-up is not the only measure, the whole look has to become a beautiful picture.

Being Beautiful is an Art.

Art is my Passion!
About me
My journey to becoming an Artist started from my early childhood.

I have tried lots of different Art and Craft's:
Music, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, jewellery making, macramé, knitting, sewing, drawing, cooking...

My Mum encouraged me to try everything and even let me draw on the walls!

Later on in my life I studied various areas such as Fashion design, Beauty, Nail technician, before settling on Makeup artistry.

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